TV Service

Televisions are very integral part of human life. The purpose of the television is mainly entertainment and information. Almost every household is having a television of their own. The popularity of the television is very high. The technology using in television is changing from time to time. Now picture tube televisions are disappearing, no company makes picture tube televisions now. New Technology came and now the most popular television technology are LCD and LED.

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Now televisions are improved and having many advantages from its predecessor. The size of the television are now more bigger compared to its previous generations, same time the width of the televisions are largely decreased due to its transition from picture tube to LED or LED Televisions. The display quality is improved, sound integrated with the televisions are getting better, the chip using in the processors are good in output quality.

Since the television gained much popularity, the numbers of television sold is higher than any other home appliances. So the requirement for the service is also very high. Even though there are many service needs with televisions, the technicians specialised in television repair is very few only. Here comes the importance of Home Tech World. We have experienced and professional technicians specialised in television repair and service. Our team is having multiple people from different domains, working together with a common goal. If you ever face any trouble with your television, please don’t hesitate to call us. Our Hotline contact number is +91 9744850738, our representatives are available 24/7 to attend any issues regarding your television.

Smart TV’s

Smart TV’s are new trend. Unlike other traditional TV’s, the major difference for a smart TV is having an operating system. There are mainly two operating systems in modern smart TV’s. One operating System is powered by android of Google, and the other operating system is powered by Apple TV by apple. Smart TV’s having many features, Smart TV’s are compatible with OTT Platforms. Since every OTT platforms is getting better customer base, Our television companies are fighting to become the leader in that segment. The OTT platforms like Netflix, Amazon Prime, Voot, Hotstar, Star, HBO Home etc available on each smart TV.

Smart TV’s are getting much popularity, Tech savvy people are very interested to try out new options in the market. Since its popularity is getting higher, the service requirement also getting higher and its create a new kind of skilled technicians. We at Home Tech World identified this shift in technology and trained our technicians to do repair service with smart televisions. Our technicians are now equipped with knowledge and practice to do service with normal LCD LED televisions and smart televisions.

Convert your TV to a smart TV

If you own a normal LED/LCD or a plasma TV, and you have spend already huge amount to purchase it, changing to a smart TV will be become a huge loss. Don’t worry, We will help you to convert your normal LED, LCD, Plasma Television to a smart Television. After we convert your TV to a smart TV, you can enjoy your favourite shows on Netflix and amazon or other OTT Platforms. The cost for converting a normal TV to a smart TV is justifiable, compared to buying a new smart TV to replace normal TV. So What are you waiting for? Dial now, Our Hotline contact number is +91 9744850738, our representatives are available throughout all the days of the week to provide the best service to you.

At Home tech world, our technicians are experienced in repairing LCD panels (Screen) and boards in chip. Also in component level with advance computerised chip level technology.

Television Brands

There are multiple brands in television market now, customer is having plenty of options to select from. The purchase decisions of a television is based on customers likeness to a band name and the price of the device. Almost every company is now providing smart TV. The popular television brands in the market are Samsung, Sony, Toshiba, BPL, Onida, LG, TCL TV, Vu, Haier TV, Philips, Micromax, Panasonic, Intex, Videocon, Sansui, Lloyd, Sharp etc.

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